New patch with lots of great stuff in it~ For those of you that want to see it, original patch notes can be found here. For those of you that don't want to click a link, here we go~

New Eidolon


So, we have a new loli eido named Lumikki, her original name (translated) was "Snow White" and she (obviously) has a focus on the Ice element.
Her Star Buffs consist of:

  • 1-Star: 8% DMG
  • 2-Star: 25% Attack Speed
  • 3-Star: 16% DMG
  • Total: 24% DMG & 25% Attack Speed

New Eidolon Form

Uriel's 3-Star Form has been released!! Emoticon-fightEmoticon-nosebleedEmoticon-fightEmoticon-nosebleed
Nothing particularly special here aside from the new form...but he looks awesome so there's that~ Emoticon-nosebleed

New Dungeon

We now have the Otherworld: Twilight Forest Dungeon, which is (obviously) an Otherworld version of the level 75 dungeon, Twilight Forest. Inside this dungeon, it is possible to obtain Level 85 Gold weapons, armors, and accessories, along with a new Level 80 Blue Enchantment Card.[1] Unlike previous new dungeons, this time we get ALL versions (ie: solo, solo challenge, party, and hell). Also, unlike previous Otherworld dungeons, only one eidolon, Amaterasu, has a chance of spawning in either Party or Hell modes. Along with all this great stuff, we also get new achievements for beating the solo and party modes a total of 1 time, 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, 30 times, 60 times and 100 times (total of 14 new achievements) and new Titles upon completing the achievements for 30, 60, and 100 times (6 titles in total).

Guild System Expansion

New Guild Instance

Players can now enter the Save the Grass Kingdom dungeon from the Guild Instance window. One entrance is available per day, and there are 5 instances to choose from. 3 solo, and 2 that are player's choice of being done solo or with a party. Inside this new dungeon, players have the opportunity to obtain Tokens. Acquiring a certain number of Tokens allows players to redeem them for the Wicked Shadow: Midnight Lion mount. The reward tiles for Guild Instance reset weekly (most likely on the day of maintenance).

Guild Level Raise

New max level for guilds is 10, allowing more and increased bonuses:

Level Bonus
Level 6Monster Experience & Drop Rate +5%
Profession XP +1%
Level 7Monster Experience & Drop Rate +5%
Profession XP +2%
Level 8Monster Experience & Drop Rate +6%
Profession XP +3%
Level 9Monster Experience & Drop Rate +7%
Profession XP +4%
Level 10Monster Experience & Drop Rate +7%
Profession XP +5%

The method for leveling a guild past 5 stays the same as before, simply complete quests for Guild EXP.

Collective Guild Funds

Now, players can donate personal guild funds or the new guild stones to increase the amount of funds in the new Collective Guild Funds asset. [2]


The Guild Interface now contains a new area displays the "Shared Guild Funds" and a new button labeled "Guild Donation". Clicking on this button brings up a window that contains 3 "Donate" buttons; one for "Donate (Basic)", one for "Donate (Advanced)", and one for "Donate (Superior)". The Basic button takes 20 Personal Guild Funds from your character, and puts them in the Shared Guild Funds, while the Advanced button takes 200 Personal Guild Funds.The game says you can use each of the Basic and Advanced buttons once per day, but this is wrong. You can only use ONE of them once per day. Using the Basic button prevents you from using Advanced, and using Advanced prevents you from using Basic until the following day. The Superior button however can be used as often as you want, because it takes Guild Stones and converts them into Shared Guild Funds.

NPC Renting

It is now possible to hire specific NPCs to be available in the guild hall. The Guild Leader can use the Collective Guild Funds to hire these NPCs.
Available NPCs include:

  • Teleportation Portal (teleport...obviously)
  • Fishing Association Officer (exchange the drops from penguins, such as Nebuchadnezzar's Dagger for Mystery Bags)
  • Head of Archaeology Association (buy/sell stuff for Archaeology Tokens)
  • Gathering Association Officer (buy/sell stuff for Collectors' Tokens)
  • Cooking Association Officer (buy/sell stuff for Cooking Tokens)
  • Card Duel Association Officer (buy/sell stuff for Card Duel Tokens)
  • Eidolon Chronicles Association Officer (buy/sell stuff for Merit Tokens)
  • Fishing Association Merchant (buy/sell stuff for Fishing Tokens)
  • Eidolon Specialist Merchant (Emblem Gears and Level 70 Eidolon Accessories)

Based on the guild level, a certain number of maximum NPCs can be hired at one time:

Level Max NPCs
Level 53 NPCs
Level 76 NPCs
Level 99 NPCs

Guild Warehouse Expansion

Once a guild reaches Level 6, the Guild Leader can also use the Collective Guild Funds to expand the amount of available space in the Guild Warehouse. The Guild Warehouse can be expanded a total of 3 times, each time requiring a specific Guild Level and a specific amount of Guild Funds:

Expansion Level Required Cost in Collective Guild Funds
First ExpansionLevel 650,000
Second ExpansionLevel 8150,000
Third ExpansionLevel 10400,000

PVP/general Optimization

Glorious Frost Crown

When 1 side is winning with 400 points or more, the revive location of the losing side will spawn a catapult prepping area and a bow prepping area. Losing side can activate and use the equipment to fight.

While using these areas, players receive a buff that allows them to resist a big amount of DMG and obtain special skills to be used. When the DMG received reaches a certain amount, the damage reduction and special skills acquired will be removed.


The production price for Foods and Drinks up to Level 60 has been reduced, meaning that is is not cheaper to cook all of those food/drink items.


The number of items required for the I'm a Treasure Hunter achievement has been decreased from 100 to 60.


A protective shield has been added to the Silver Chest in Avarice Abyss Hell Mode.

HP Adjustment

It is now possible to display 7 digits of HP, meaning that if a player has over 999,999 HP, they can now show exactly how much they have.


In the event that a player cannot log in before their house is closed and all of their furniture is mailed to them, the amount of time they have to collect the furniture from their mail has been increased from 60 days to 300 days.


  1. The Level 80 Blue Enchantment Cards are basically Level 70 Blue Enchantment Cards, except they add extra PEN along with their specified stat. (ie: Lv.80 Basic Gloves Enchantment Card: DMG gives DMG+2% and PEN+1%)
  2. Guild Stones are special items that can be acquired from the Guild Instances mentioned previously, either as drops from the boss, or as rewards for completing the tiles.

And that's everything we've gotten in this patch. ^^ It's not a whole lot, but at least it's all some pretty good stuff. Hope y'all can log in soon and enjoy it~

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