Whew! Emoticon-laugh New Patch Notes!

It's been a while, but we finally get new patch notes. AND they're before the patch! Only a few days before...but oh well. n.n This patch is scheduled to go live on the 4th of May! So this weeks maintenance will include the patch! If you'd like, the original patch notes can be viewed here.

New Dungeons

Hall of the Thunder Baroness

This dungeon follows the same concept as the 3 Dragon dungeons, and PP/TT, however it's for lvl75+, and it's in Wrathborne Temple. Also, there's a chance that Hansel & Gretel could spawn at the end if your party is lucky!

Gaia Sanctuary Trial

This is basically another Gaia Sanctuary, however it unlocks at lvl75, and has different eidolons to defeat. The list of eidolons includes:

New Eidolons/Forms

Ayako (。◕‿‿◕。)

We have a new loli! Emoticon-laugh And wow is she cute.. Emoticon-nosebleed


Quelkulan get's access to his 3-star form and you can now access his 3-star buff, Even Keel II (Crit DMG taken -100%)! With all 3 of his buffs active, you'll get a total of 5% extra movement speed, and a whopping 150% less Crit DMG taken!

Housing System! Emoticon-laugh

We've all wanted this haven't we? We finally get the Housing System! In order to unlock, you simply need to finish all lvl55 main quests, and be lvl55 yourself (which let's face it, that's the easiest thing to do).

Housing System Rules

  • Your house is shared by all characters on your account.
  • Players can set access limits to control who can visit their houses.
    • Total visitor number will be reset every day at 5:00am server time.
  • Players can change house name once a day. Resets at 5:00am server time.
    • Players can use the Name Change button on the Housing Interface to edit the name
  • When players have not logged in for over 30 days, their houses will be held by the management committee. 10 gold must be paid to get the house back.
    • When your personal house is held by the management committee, all furniture will be sent to you via mail. The mail will expire in 60 days.
  • Players can learn how to make furniture from <Housing Assistant> Connie and accumulate experience to level their homes.
  • The furniture players made can be displayed or be sold to the <Furniture Design Treasure Chest> to get house coins.
  • As your Housing Level increases, you can craft more advanced furniture and activate different bonuses.
    • Level 2 - +10 Slots for Housing storage; +20 Construction Points
    • Level 3 - Crit Damage +2%
    • Level 4 - 2% discount in housing shop
    • Level 5 - +10 Slots for Housing Storage; +40 Construction Points
    • Level 6 - Elemental Defense +1%

Players can buy the materials of furniture from:

  • <Housing Assistant> Connie
  • Fishing NPCs
  • Collecting NPCs
  • Archaeology NPCs
  • Chronicle NPCs
  • Card NPCs

Special materials or rare furniture can be obtained from different locations:

  • Abyss dungeons (Infernal Abyss, Whirlpool Abyss, or Avarice Abyss)
  • Sky Tower
  • Sky Realm
  • Otherworld Dungeons
  • Blizzard Berg
  • Vulture's Vale
  • Hall of Duels (the Card Duelists' Dungeon from a previous patch)
  • Dimensional Hall


There are 3 types of furniture:

  • Interior Furnishings: floor, wall, pillar, ceiling and windows.
  • Interior Decoration: tables/chairs, beds, carpet.
  • Garden Decoration: outdoor garden furniture.

Players can dye furniture with Furniture Dye items. Special Functions of some furniture:

  • Chairs and beds: right click to sit or lay down.
  • Weapon display table: players can choose the displayed weapon or weapon outlook
  • Model display table: players can set the movement, hair style, skin color, and outfit of the displayed model.

Other Features

Secret Stone Improvements

Players can now fortify stones while they're still embedded in gear, and the stack size for secret stones has increased to 100.

Hidden Players

Before, when you had "Hide Other Players" active, it would do just that, and hide everyone. Now, if you have it set in the settings, when you have "Hide Other Players" active, you'll still be able to see any players that have an active stall set up in Navea.

Auction House

There are new tabs and subcategories, such as Enchantment cards, Profession System related items, and Furniture. And soon, it will be possible to acquire an item for more slots in the auction house; meaning you can list up to a total of 3 extra items for sale.

Temple of Eidolon drops

Before, Cleopawtra was in the Gaia Sanctuary dungeon, but her key and key frags were not in her drop list. Now, they are. So it's possible for everyone to get yet another eido.

Star System Reimplemented

So...I realize I forgot to make a post about this one before.. ;-; Sorry about that. But the Star System was turned off because players could make a 5-star weapon by repeatedly using 1-star fusion stones. Now, that bug has been fixed, and the Star System is going to be turned back on! Also, don't worry, any stars you had before will still be there.

Easter Event Removal

As the title suggests, the Easter event daily quest is being removed. However, this time we don't get a new event quest. ;u;

New PvP Arena Times

As per player feedback, PvP schedules have been revised. The schedules are the same every day (all times are in server time; GMT-5):

  • 1:00 - Frost Crown
  • 3:00 - Excelsior Arena
  • 5:00 - Tanuki Turmoil
  • 7:00 - Centurion Battlefield
  • 9:00 - Valley of the Glorious Battle (Capture the Flag)
  • 11:00 - Frost Crown
  • 13:00(1:00pm) - Excelsior Arena
  • 14:30(2:30pm) - Aura Kingdom Quiz
  • 16:00(4:00pm) - Tanuki Turmoil
  • 18:00(6:00pm) - Centurion Battlefield
  • 19:30(7:30pm) - Aura Kingdom Quiz
  • 21:00(9:00pm) - Valley of the Glorious Battle (Capture the Flag)
  • 22:30(10:30pm) - Aura Kingdom Quiz
  • 23:00(11:00pm) - Frost Crown
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