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Okay so...we have LOTS of new stuff added in this patch (although not quite as much as some previous or future patches I'm sure), along with a few fixed bugs, and a few more NEW bugs that we now have to worry about. x.x; Anywho...original patch notes can be found here. Now, I will go ahead and explain them in case you're too lazy to click the link~ Emoticon-nosebleed

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Yupp. This is the Eidolon previously known as "Rhodri", he's finally accurately added to our game data, so if you've been saving his key since open beta, or if you ever wished for his key from a GM Wish (because he was available), you can now use it to actually acquire this new Eidolon.


Tomb of the Ancients

We now have the Hell and Solo (Hard Mode) (a.k.a: Solo Challenge) versions of this dungeon. Both of these reset every two hours starting at 6AM server time, along with the solo and party modes.
Drops here are much the same as in solo and party mode, except with the addition of the chest at the end of the dungeon. Drops can include Level 85 Gold-quality trophies, weapons, and new available ultimate skills (the orange-quality skill mastery items from the previous patch). Also, the patch notes say "Amaterasu and Uriel have a chance of spawning after defeating the last boss"; however, I'm not sure if this means only Hell mode, or if this includes Solo (Hard Mode).

Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory

Exactly like Tomb of the Ancients, there are now Hell and Solo (Hard Mode) versions of this dungeon as well. Same reset times, same drops (with the exception of the trophies, because each dungeon has it's own set of trophies that can drop), and the same possible Eidolon spawns.

Envoy Path Adjustments

New Spins on Old Envoy Paths

Some Envoys path options have been changed completely, and others have simply had their effects changed. There's a lot though. Emoticon-deny So you'll have to read the actual patch notes to see them all~

Gaia Emblems

New Gaia Emblem IV

These new Gaia Emblems can be bought from <Senior Eidolon Researcher> Gardner in Navea (the same place where you could get all of the previous Gaia Emblems). Stat and requirement information is as follows:

  • Level Required: Lv. 70
  • Base Stats (Damage): Damage +5492; HP +3364
  • Base Stats (HP): Damage +2476, HP +6728
  • Eidolon Points Required: 1,500,000
  • Max Skill Cooldown Reduction: -12%
  • Max stats - Damage (Detailed): +8%
  • Max stats - Damage taken: -8%
  • Max stats - Crit Rate: +8%
  • Max stats - Accuracy: +8%
  • Max stats - Evasion: +8%
  • Max stats - Movement Speed: +14%
  • Max stats - DMG against Elements: +14%
  • Max stats - Elemental Damage Taken: -14%
  • Max stats - Elemental Damage Dealt: +14%

Gaia Chronicle

Chapter 3: The Allure of Darkness

So we now have a new Chapter 3 of Gaia Chronicles, with all new prizes and rewards for completion. As far as the patch notes go, there are several new areas, each with their own possible Eidolon pet:

Yeah not very informative I know, but at least it gives us something. Also, along with new Eidolon pets, you can also acquire tokens that you can exchange for the new Eidolon, Faust.

World Boss

New Bosses & New Drops

We have some new World Bosses that spawn every week, and a few other new bosses as well. Most of the World Bosses will award you with specific items when defeated, that you can exchange in the encyclopedia for different mystery packs that include costumes, mounts, and restructuring solutions. You can view more in-depth info in the patch notes, but I will say this: I've encountered one of these new bosses...and he was bugged as hell; so fight them at your own risk. Also, defeating most of these new bosses can award you with different kinds of "fragments" which, when combined, can become mounts or different kinds of costume items.

Other Features

Beebis Race

  • Location: Crescent Hill (X: 452, Y: 686)
  • Requirements: Complete the introductory quest and be level 65 or higher.

Rewards include: Rare items, a special buff, and a new exclusive pet if you win, and random consolation prizes if you are defeated (consolation prizes can be exchanged in the encyclopedia for more items).

New Halloween Events

Apparently, Aeria is planning new Halloween events for us. So keep your eyes out while in-game or on the forums.

New Game Launcher

There is also a new splash image on the Aura Kingdom Launcher. Now, instead of 3-Star Serena, we get to see Lucifer standing there menacingly.

Fixed Bugs

Previously, the Anglers Anonymous Merchant in Navea had her menus messed up, and several items were missing or moved around. Now, the missing items have been put back, and all of them have been re-organized.


Some translations from the previous patch have been implemented/fixed, while some of this patch's translations have errors and will be fixed later™.


According to the patch notes, greets no longer give Loyalty Points, so instead, you can receive 100 LP and 3 Non-Tradable Megaphones every day from the item mall for free (as opposed to just 10 LP).
This was probably in an effort to prevent the "greet spam" that lots of players complained about, and lots more perpetrated in. NOTE: When I logged in, I was able to greet, and the game still told me that I acquired LP for greeting. So this may be bugged.

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