Hello everybody! o/ So...I'm aware that there has been almost ZERO news posts in over a year, so first and foremost I'd like to apologize for that. orz However, now that myself and Kyara are admins, I'm hoping that we can start doing more to keep everyone updated. n.n Also, while we haven't made any posts about them, we have done a pretty decent job of keeping the wiki itself updated with any and all new information that has come up (however, we're still working on it, so not everything is there. orz) But anyways...according to Aeria, we have TONS of new content[1] coming before 2016 is over! Emoticon-blush So without further we go! n.n

New Maps


First of all, we'll be getting new maps for level 80+ along with new dungeons. According to GNN[2] (which is Google translated on my PC, so my apologies if the information is innacurate), these new maps appear to be on a new continent by the name of Dayton

  • . So if assumptions are correct, the world of Azuria will be growing much MUCH larger. Also, it seems we may be getting a new instance called Greed Abyss
  • , that works much like the Infernal Abyss and Whirlpool Abyss.

New Gear


Second, we will be getting new weapons and armor for levels 80 - 85; which means gear that's even stronger than Sniper. Emoticon-evil

Eidolon's Chronicles


I can't really find a whole lot of info on this, so I'll update this post if anything comes up. c: But so far, it seems to be a new feature much like the Card Duel system. In this system, you form a party of Eidolons, and complete tasks as the Eidolons using their skills. Don't get too excited though, it doesn't seem like you'll be able to turn into Alucard or Kotonoha for anything outside of the Chronicles interface. ._.

New Eidolons


Much like the header suggests, we'll be getting Alice and Fenrir!! Emoticon-laugh Also, as stated previously, if we are getting the Greed Abyss instance, we may be getting the Eidolon Ghodroon

  • as the 'master' of that instance.

Archive System


Again, much like the header suggests, we will be getting an Archive System for our costumes. That means that all of you fasionistas will be able to put your many costumes somewhere that doesn't clutter your inventory or bank. Lucky you! Emoticon-laugh

Housing System


Woohoo! Housing system! Emoticon-laugh Now you can have your own house where all your friends (and Guardian Knights Emoticon-nosebleed) can come visit. Plus, you can decorate your house however you want!

Sky Realm


It seems as though the Sky Realm will be getting new areas as well! However, once again I'm having trouble finding solid info.. ._. So I'll try to keep this post updated.

New Daily Quests


Hopefully, this means that progress from level 60 up won't be so much of a drag. orz However, the image clearly shows Mirabelle standing in from of the Fame Quests board; so perhaps we'll be getting some new Fame Quests to complete? :o

New 3-Star Levels


The image shows Abraxas in his 3-Star form, however it seems we may also be getting 3-Star forms for Kusanagi, Alucard, Astraea, and may others!

New Special Instance


Seems that the Card Duel system will be getting it's own instance. Could be for training, or perhaps it could have random card drops. We'll try to keep you updated. Emoticon-goodjob

Level 70-75 Gear For Dragon Points


Last, but certainly not least, you will be able to get level 75 gear and the recipes for level 70 gear in exchange for Dragon Points through the Adventure Encyclopedia.


  • Anything that is marked with a
  • is considered a rough translation and may be likely to change once officially released.
  • My apologies if any of this is confusing. x3 This is my first news post, so just bear with me while I figure out exactly how to do it.


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  2. GNN [2]
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