Yuka Ichinose

aka Kaizawaraiko

  • I live in Fenrir Far East Branch
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is New-Type God Eater
  • I am a Somacon
  • Yuka Ichinose

    Since I'm still waiting for my launcher to re-patch, or my mum to come downstairs and tell me to sleep because it's 2am, I thought I'd go back to this comedic drabble of mine. Have fun.

    Day One.

    So far, so good, Bealdor thought to himself as he ventured down the house with a likeness of a palace. For a young girl, Saskia truly has a knack for decorating, and praise an AI like him for appreciating such thing that many would assume is out of their program. The young god relaxed at the sight of sun light pouring in between the gaps of the window curtains, and he pulled them back for the only thing that could calm him more than anything else in the world: light. It was warm, bright, refreshing. Not to mention to fresh sea breeze and the lovely v…

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    Eidolon page Source Code

    September 16, 2015 by Yuka Ichinose




    Serena Endora Vermilion
    Fenrir Rhodri Nalani Maja Ghodroon
    Abraxas Cyril
    Hel Alucard Bealdor Diao Chan Uriel
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  • Yuka Ichinose
    • This is an entry for the Fall Fan Fiction Contest held by Aeria Games for Aura Kingdom players.
    • Characters appearing belows are my OCs. (Though they aren't my player characters.)
    • Kujou and Yuka, appearance and personality-wise, were based on Soma and Yuka respectively.
    • This was Graded 9 by

    A relaxing orange hue bathe Crescent Hill. A fond smile found its way to a male's lips, his eyes falling upon the sign of the beginning of fall. It had been a while since he last came here. Another gaze at the breathtaking view, and he caught sight of his long-time partner who had finished offering the basket of flowers to the Altar of the Sprites. Just like it always had been, her hair, golden blonde in color, fell perfectly down past her s…

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    I'm back in the game! Phew... I was buried under a heavy pile of blue prints and floor plans, plus a large buunch of projects. I never experienced staying awake for three straight days! 

    From now on, I'm officially lucky-unlucky. *cries* I work on my drop rate since the weapon mastery patch, and so far, its taking effect. Lucky, isn't it? Been fighting eidolons in my new guild too, Ivysaur. The thing is, I've only been getting eidolon fragments! ASDFGHJKL-

    So far:

    • 2 Aelius fragments
    • 1 Gigas fragment
    • 1 Kotonoha fragment
    • 5 Bel-chandra fragment
    • 1 Eligos fragment
    • 1 Sigrun key

    Unlucky... T_T


    Everybody loves Saskia's place.

    Although Envoy residential spaces are similar in appearance from the outside, it's all different once one dwells deep into …

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    Alucard had never seen a world so interesting. The land, the system, the inhabitants. just...

    The warm, gentle breeze brushed against the male's skin, as they soared the skies in a rather normal pace. After quite a long while of being a companion to this Wizard-Necromancer, he had learned of her preferences, especially during flight. Going too slow would cause her to intentionally tighten her arms around his neck, which was uncomfortable and a complete pain, while going too fast would make her scream into his ears and choke hiarm to his own death. Although, whenever he feels like it, he does pick on her for the sake of fun. Afterwards, she would forcefully disappear for a short while, and then return complaining about how she …

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