The bae is smexy. If you think otherwise, go away. JK. xD He kinda looks like Maou Sadao.

Note: In this, Aura Kingdom Online is a VRMMO, with homing system.


"Alu-chan! Get up, please!" Raika worked twice as hard as she used to, struggling to wake up the lazy eidolon lounging/napping on the couch. "We're going to see Ryuuko for a quest, remember?" How could this companion of hers be so forgetful? "Come on..." The Envoy pouted. "Ryuuko lives way down to the Prairie! I'm not walking myself down there!" Ugh, the pain of having your friends live on the other side of the land.

The Eidolon, dubbed as Dragon Tyrant by the entirety of Azuria, comfortably sat on the furniture, legs and arms crossed, and his what-seemed-to-be officer cap covering his face. Every call from the Wizard would be answered by a small, uninterested groan. It wasn't fair... Why does everyone get the cooperative companions but her? Getting more pissed after every passing minute, Raika finally crossed her arms. The only way to get this dragon kicking is through...

"I heard Ryuuko will bring Beal along."

The cap was then lifted ever so slightly, and Alucard's pair of sharp, red eyes shifted to look at her. There was a short moment of silence as Envoy and Eidolon only stared at each other, as if exchanging thoughts through telepathic abilities. Alucard uncrossed his legs and rose. "Well, what are you lazing around for, human?"

"You seem to have taken a... high interest in the God of Light, I can't help but notice," she told him, picking up her stave. "So high it appears to be in the same level as Endora's to Serif." Oh, Gaia, she wished to tease him and blurt out the word gay, but she wouldn't risk going to Ventos Prairie on foot. Portals are just too distant and too tiring to walk. "Then again, Bealdor is a much cuter and more helpful companion than someone I know." Rather than having hi carry her in his arms, which is every other female Envoys' dream, she would prefer a piggyback ride, since it gives her the chance to strangle and choke her favourite Eidolon when she so pleases. "But you should know, Alu-chan... You've been scaring Beal with your odd antics. Try to keep it down a notch, will you? Nobody wants him to suffer any... trauma."

A sly smirk made an appearance on the tyrant's lips. "But I haven't done anything--"

"Yet. And I prefer you not too. Poor Beal would be scarred for life."

"Rather than worrying about what I do, shouldn't you take focus on strengthening your gear and weapon? For a healer, you die more often than you should."

"Shut up. It is just that I let my guard down often when I use healing spells on the party. And that's exactly why I have an Eidolon, yes? So, thinking about it, my frequent deaths is partially your fault. Now, straight ahead and fly."

"Quite a bossy human, aren't we?"


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