I'm back in the game! Phew... I was buried under a heavy pile of blue prints and floor plans, plus a large buunch of projects. I never experienced staying awake for three straight days! 

From now on, I'm officially lucky-unlucky. *cries* I work on my drop rate since the weapon mastery patch, and so far, its taking effect. Lucky, isn't it? Been fighting eidolons in my new guild too, Ivysaur. The thing is, I've only been getting eidolon fragments! ASDFGHJKL-

So far:

  • 2 Aelius fragments
  • 1 Gigas fragment
  • 1 Kotonoha fragment
  • 5 Bel-chandra fragment
  • 1 Eligos fragment
  • 1 Sigrun key

Unlucky... T_T


Everybody loves Saskia's place.

Although Envoy residential spaces are similar in appearance from the outside, it's all different once one dwells deep into the settlement. Saskia's house was like the mansion of Lincoln. The living room alone was probably twice the size of Raika's. The lounge itself was spacious, and was large enough to fit their party and their eidolons. (Might even accomodate Nazrudin and Zaahir.) They had just raid Ozymand Temple, Wrathborne Temple, and a few other dungeons in Terra, but eidolon key fragments were as rare as the eidolon themselves. Though they had managed to meet and outsmart Endora, they received nothing but XP books and emblems.

"I'm too tired to do another run," complained Bordz. 

The entire party sat on the couch, served with tea and biscuits, while their eidolons roamed freely around. Kotonoha sat with Merrilee by the large glass window, busy with braiding the latter's pink hair. Cyril sat close by, giving Grimm and Alessa a cozy seat on his back. Raika's eyes fell on the calm and serene scene, before widening in alarm. Quickly, she took a look around. "Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah-"

"Oi, calm down. What's the problem?" Yato asked, obviously confused. 

"Ah- Alucard!"


"You did quite well earlier."

Bealdor nearly shrieked and shuddered upon feeling such cool voice register to his ear, and a cold breath ghost over his skin, followed by a light nip on the shell of his ear. He wished to jump away, if not for those arms snaked around his waist in the blink of an eye. "W-What do you want from me?!" He demanded in his obvious-but-trying-to-hide-it shaking voice. It was obvious. Too obvious. What did he even do to deserve much of Alucard's attention, anyway? He doesn't want it! It's too much! Too much!

Alucard refused to move even an inch away. "Everyone downstairs is enjoying their sweet time getting to know each other. Why don't we do the same, hm?"

"I-I'm busy!" The God of Light quickly said, prying himself from the Dragon Tyrant's grip. "Can't you see?"

The raven-haired's eyes fell on the bunny hop now rubbing against his feet. Rather than being yellowish with green ears, it was possessing light pink fur instead. Once away from Alucard's hug, Bealdor knelt down to hand it some carrots. The bunny hop happily nibbled on it, much to the surprise of the other Eidolon. "I never knew there was a pink one, and could be taken in as a pet."

The blonde shrugged. "I checked the system. It turns out that it was some sort of mistake the system decided to let free. He doesn't do any harm anyway. There was supposed to be a new kind of bunny hop that could be tamed, but they never actually fully implemented it in the game. Ryuuko and I found him back at Port Skandia, and he's been following us since then." Well, just like how Alucard does to him since their latest Sky Tower raid. "Where are you putting your hands?"

"Somewhere that's going to be mine real soon." A devious smirk made a rather disturbing appearance, and Bealdor quickly averted his gaze. Upon seeing that the bunny hop was doing fine with the carrot it held, he hurriedly picked it up to his arms and stormed out of the room in fear for his own life. What's up with that guy? Why is everyone framing him up to be with that weird guy? The systems never implemented something like that! He's an AI yet he's so creeped out! 

Did he actually just touched his--

"Somewhere that's going to be mine real soon."

Holy frick-frackity frack! Is there a way to return to Aura Kingdom and come back only when he's summoned?!

"Somewhere that's going to be mine real soon."

That man seriously needs mental help.


"Staying together?"

Kotonoha tilted her head at the idea suggested by the Envoys involved in the party. The Eidolons exchanged confused yet excited looks as they prodded at Ryuuko to go on. "As you all know, since this game was started and we kinda found out we actually live close by each other, So, yeah, just this school year, we moved in to the same school and next week, our school will be holding a camping. We'd disappear for an entire week!" The leader continued. "Since you guys are AIs, and life goes on for you even if we are logged out of the game, we thought its best for you to keep each other company till our next log in."

"Sounds wonderful," Merrilee agreed. "It gets pretty lonely here when it's just the two of us in this big house. We could do lots of fun stuff together, Serif!" The other Eidolon gave a curt nod, his cheeks turning bright pink in an instant, almost the same color as the sylph's hair. "But despite this house being really large, I don't think we have enough rooms for ten Eidolons..."

Everyone else's eyes turned mischievous. "Well, there's always sharing..." suggested Alyss, Raika's cheery sylph, and a heavy supporter of ... well, you know. "If I remember correctly, this kind of settlement provides three to five bedrooms, right?"

Saskia nodded and smiled. "Yep. It originally has three, but I had it upgraded for five since I planned to invite everyone to sleep in once the summer vacation kicks in. It'd be like living entirely in this game!"

"Like SAO!" Yato chirped.

"Totally, like SAO!" Raika quickly seconded.

"Well, that's basically it," Bordz said, returning to the topic. "You'll be accompaying each other for an entire week. You guys could handle that without wrecking the place, right? No, you can't invite anyone to have an party in here."


09:58 PM.

They had finally sorted things out. The pairs had been decided by randomly picking a stick from a clutter. Of course the girls had been separated from the boys. Alyss and Kotonoha, Merrilee and Alessa, Serif and Cyril, Grimm and Aelius, and the last...


"Beal, stop screaming like an 18 year old fangirling over Justin Bieber," Ryuuko frowned. "What is your problem?"

"Can't I be roommates with Cyril instead?" He complained, blue eyes desperately pleading. "Come on!" He raised the stick he had just picked out, its end colored red.

"What luck we have here..." Smirked the Dragon Tyrant, flashing the group the reddened end of the stick he had picked out. 


To make things less confusing for you and me:

  • Raika - Merrilee (named Alyss) and Alucard
  • Saskia - Merrilee and Aelius
  • Yato - Grimm and Cyril
  • Bordz - Alessa and Kotonoha
  • Ryuuko - Serif and Bealdor
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