Alucard had never seen a world so interesting. The land, the system, the inhabitants. just...

The warm, gentle breeze brushed against the male's skin, as they soared the skies in a rather normal pace. After quite a long while of being a companion to this Wizard-Necromancer, he had learned of her preferences, especially during flight. Going too slow would cause her to intentionally tighten her arms around his neck, which was uncomfortable and a complete pain, while going too fast would make her scream into his ears and choke hiarm to his own death. Although, whenever he feels like it, he does pick on her for the sake of fun. Afterwards, she would forcefully disappear for a short while, and then return complaining about how she felt after removing the Virtual Reality Gear she wore, whatever that is.

He felt her cheek pressing against his, as she leaned forward to get a better view of the greenery below. "Ah! That's Ryuuko and the others!"

Only a few months in the game but she had already made a steady circle of friends. And they weren't just any random players she had met in the districts of Navea. Alucard was honestly impressed by the vibe of his Envoy. Each of them even have their own fancy mounts, apart from the ostrich every Envoy obtains during the first parts of the game. Beneath them, four other envoys and their accompanying eidolons stood and waited. He knows each of them by their names.

Saskia is the healer and support of the group. She is a bard and ranger, which makes her fit for the role, along with her eidolon, Merrilee. Yato is a ravager-gunslinger, accompanied by the eidolon Cyril. Bordz, on the other hand, is a brawler-ronin, and his companion is Kotonoha.

Ryuuko is Alucard's favourite. Tank and leader of the group, he does well with his sword and shield as a guardian, and can even manage to support himself with his bard subclass. But it wasn't exactly why he was the Dragon Tyrant's favourite.

"Well, here we go, Princess," he told his Envoy, as his feet came so close to touching the ground. Despite that being said, he never gave the wizard a single glance. The weight on his back soon disappeared and he followed Raiko to meet her group, drifting about just behind her. "Ah! So we have Alucard today too!" Merrilee happily cheered upon noticing his arrival. The sylph was as cheery as ever.The four Eidolons exchanged curt nods, but Alucard's smirk never faltered from his (*cough* gorgeous *cough*) face. "We seem to be lacking in number," he quickly said, looking around as his wings made a few light flaps. 

Kotonoha gave him an eyeroll. "As I've thought... That would be the first thing you'd notice. Well, you are Alucard, are you not?"

[A/N: Bealdor's japanese voice is ASDFGHJKL- /dies ]


The God of Light was literally five meters away, holding about three bunnyhops in his arms. "I... forgot something back home," he immediately said, his voice close to cracking. "I forgot Skee!"

Everyone, Eidolon and Envoy alike, threw him a rather teasing look. "What are you talking about, Beal?" Ryuuko told him. "Skee is right there, on your back. Now, come on. We have to raid the Ozymand Temple for Serena."

"Lolicon is on the kick again!" Saskia sing-sang.

"Ah..." Beal's blue eyes met those deep red ones, and there was an audible gulp. "I'll... switch with Tigerius-"

Raika, with a sigh, finally told the conscious Eidolon. "Don't worry, Beal. Alucard surely won't do anything... weird this time, isn't that right, Alu-chan?"


"Don't try anything funny," Raika glared at the smirking Dragon Tyrant, as their party stood before the entrance to the Ozymand Temple. "Stay away from Bealdor. Don't even look at him. You're scaring the poor baby. Jeez, Alucard! You're like a perverted stinky old man! Stop looking at his butt and listen to me, dammit!"

There are better things to do than listen to this nagging Envoy of his. Has anybody seen how that thick set of gleaming armor hugs that body perfectly? And how those talented hands wield such a magnificent blade? It is true that Eidolons do exceed the human capabilities, and any other races, and Alucard, being the world-walker he is, takes interest and delight in everything. But a certain being had just perked his interest. Someone who, throughout his life, had been sheltered and showered with light, in contrast to the darkness the Dragon Tyrant had chosen. 

Although, this entire taking-interest-on-Bealdor had only started by accident, Alucard found it fun to actually ride along. It was during a battle against Hel in the eighteenth floor of Sky Tower that the two of them actually had an interaction, after he saved the God of Light from the Queen of Shadow's huge blow. Alucard had considered Bealdor indebted to him since then. 

He hasn't even paid even a quarter of his debt.


Author: Alu-chan is a perv. XD So, if anybody hasn't noticed yet, this is Alucard x Bealdor. (It's not Alucard x Envoy since he sees her more like a little sister to look after.) No, no, we're not into the part yet where he's... "making Bealdor pay his debt." But we'll get to that, sooner or later.

Also, I'd say again... In this universe, Aura Kingdom Online is a VRMMORPG, with housing and marriage system, and operates through a device similar to the AMUsphere. Each Envoy is granted with an Eidolon, the starter Eidolons, though others, if lucky or rich enough, can get utmost two, with the other being the starter, and the other either a prize from a contest, obtained from raids or bought. Basically, Raika won Alucard in a big contest months prior to the storyline.


Alucard: ...

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