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Since I'm still waiting for my launcher to re-patch, or my mum to come downstairs and tell me to sleep because it's 2am, I thought I'd go back to this comedic drabble of mine. Have fun.

Day One.

So far, so good, Bealdor thought to himself as he ventured down the house with a likeness of a palace. For a young girl, Saskia truly has a knack for decorating, and praise an AI like him for appreciating such thing that many would assume is out of their program. The young god relaxed at the sight of sun light pouring in between the gaps of the window curtains, and he pulled them back for the only thing that could calm him more than anything else in the world: light. It was warm, bright, refreshing. Not to mention to fresh sea breeze and the lovely view of the seaside, sky and sea looking as if they were one. It was indeed a calming start. I'd just have to last six more days.

Being on their little vacation, there was no need to put on that gallant set of armor he had always worn during quests. Instead, he wore a comfortable shirt and pants that are easier to move around rather than that heavy suit of armor.

"Good morning," a feminine voice in the living room said.

After a small sigh, he replied with a curt 'good morning', thinking it was Kotonoha who had been an early bird. Only when he whipped his head towards the direction of the living room did he realize how wrong he was -- and how screwed. The woman, cladded in red, smiled sweetly at him, the mischief in her expression shadowed completely. "D-Diao!" He exclaimed surprised. Just as when he was to ask how on Earth did she manage to enter the premises, another figure emerged from the kitchen, carrying a platter of tea utensils, and biscuits. "A-Astraea?! What are the two of you doing here?"

Diao chuckled in amusement, the feathers of her fan slightly touching below her nose. "Oh, we were invited by your... housemates. Koto was eager to start a little celebration."

"Don't put wrong ideas in his head, Diao," Astraea intruded with a roll of those beautiful blue eyes. "You broke into their property and dragged me in your little mess."

The brunette chuckled, taking a teacup with delicate fingers as soon as the other woman had placed it down on the center table. "oh, please, Astraea, dear. Do not speak as if you are not enjoying yourself. Bealdor, why don't you sit in and join us for tea? The others should be awake in a few minutes or so."

"They surely are in for a big surprise," the God of Light sighed, reluctantly accepting the offer and sitting in with the girls. He was in the midst of gently cooling of his hot tea when Diao, the most inquisitive of all Eidolons he had met, asked, "How was your night?" causing him to nearly drop the porcelain cup. Astraea was not pleased -- either by the question, or him losing his composture. Probably both.

His lips quivered. Does Diao seek him to describe in perfect detail how he had spent his entire night being a certain someone's teddy bear in spooning position? Should he elaborate how the Dragon Tyrant's nose was ghosting over his shoulder and how, no matter how hard he tried, he could not push him away as if there was some sort of gravity unwilling to separate them?

"Oh, little Bel is going red~" cooed the Luminous Beauty, leaning towards him closer to even teasingly poke a finger at his tinted cheek. "It was fun, right?"

Confused, ashamed and nervous, he turned to Astraea for help, but her gaze was scrutinizing, and seemingly boring a hole through his very soul. "I-It was horrible," he finally managed, bringing the edge of the cup to his lips. "I barely had a wink of sleep. Alucard was horrible. He would snore very loud, and put his limbs all over me. Could you imagine how much I struggled for breath the entire night?"

Diao was imagining things differently, as she retreated properly to her seat with a smirk in her face.

The morning tea silently went by, and Bealdor was more than relieved to see that Diao had ceased asking him the weirdest of questions, and that Astraea had started to bear a calmer look in her face. God, having these two around are so much pressure.

It didn't take long for everyone to gather down in the living room, each expressing their surprise at their visitors. "We wanted to invite Shirayuki and Hel, but it seems they have their own things scheduled. Though they promised to pass by if they have the time."

Bealdor squirmed slightly in his seat, not exactly sure how to deal with that kind of situation. He and Hel had not talked since Gram's death, and their relationship had plummeted down from best to rocky in a blink of an eye.

"Still, it is very nice of you to pay us a visit," said Alucard with a smile synonymous to Diao's.

Kotonoha chirped, "Oh, we could have a party and-"

"-put the kids on bed early," Diao finished with a mischievous smile, to which the others seem to agree, even Astraea.

The younger Eidolons whined at that.

This time, Cyril busted into the conversation, "So, how exactly will we spend the rest of the days without our Envoys?" It is impossible to do quests on their own. So the only option left is to...

"Party!" The girls cheered.

"I'll handle the food," Kotonoha offered.

"We'll set the place!" Alyss, Merrilee, Serif, Alessa and Grimm offered.

Diao and Astraea took dibs on the drinks, and offered to invite the other Eidolons. "And I'll keep Astraea from being a killjoy," the brunette added.

I think I'll name this one "Daily Lives of Eidolons" or something like that. Diao, the fujoshi, and Astraea, the divine, are in the house! Good luck, Bel!

AlucardxBealdorxAstraea sounds like a very nice ship war to me.