A list of all conversations between the Envoy and Vermilion.

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"Wait 'till you see my Phoenix-style connection technique!"
"Connecting is a cinch for someone as amazing as me."
"You know I've got your back, partner!"
"The eagle has landed! I repeat, the eagle has landed."


High Eidolon Energy
"You can get tokens by completing certain quests. These tokens can be exchanged for some unusual items!"
"Undertaking quests is the best way to obtain EXP! Don't forget it!"
"Skill points can be reset, but it takes quite a lot of money to do! So, remember to be careful with your points!"
"If there's anything you need, you can go to Navea and shop around!"
"Do you need to change your equipment? You should try to hunt down some gear in the local town and shops. They have some real treasures sometimes!"
"Do you feel more confident with me around?"
"Even if the whole world turns its back on you, I'll still be there to support you."
"Whatever your decision, I'll stand by you 'till the end."
"Your safety is the most important thing for me."
"If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. I love to help out!"
Medium Eidolon Energy
"Undertaking quests is the best way to obtain EXP! Don't forget it!"
"Good to see you again! Let's chat!"
"You're pretty good! You'll have to tell me your combat secrets when you have a chance."
"Did you make some new friends recently? If so, you must introduce me."
"I'm touched whenever I see you working hard."
"If you have something to tell me, tell me directly."
"Don't let all these problems get you down. I'll always be by your side."
"If there's something that you are too embarrassed to talk to me about, remember that you have other friends too!"
"It's important to me that you're happy. Don't get too hung up on the opinions of others."
"I'm so happy to be with you! We should chat more often."
"I'm so lucky to have gotten to adventure with you."
Low Eidolon Energy
"I'm a bit tired... Can we stop and take a break?"
"You've changed. You're not the same person that I once knew."
"So this is the limit of your sincerity. I've overestimated you."
"I'm not in a good mood now... Could you just leave me alone?"
"You don't want me to follow, do you?"
"Hopefully we can learn to understand each other."


"What kind of people do you like to date?" / "What do you look for in a partner?"
"Dates? You mean like...the fruit?"
"I'm looking for a partner who values me as I truly am, not only as they perceive me to be."
"Dating seems to be a very important ritual among humans."
"Tell me more about it! What do you do on a date?"
"In the past, I was courting someone and..."
"Oh snap, I wasn't going to mention that!"
"Do you like to travel?" / "What are your thoughts on traveling?"
"Travel is fun! I haven't done too much traveling, and that's part of the reason I decided to go on this adventure with you."
"When you're saving the world, danger doesn't usually show up on your doorstep."
"You've gotta travel to find the danger, then hit it with your fists of fury!"
"I've come to enjoy traveling with you."
"It makes me so happy when each day brings new sights and sensations."
"We saw so much sadness while on the road."
"My other self is reminded frequently about how little of this world she knows about."
"Fortunately, I assured her that the world is not yet beyond saving."
"What's a good way to train?" / "How do you train for battle?"
"Traveling seems to be doing the trick. You never know what this adventure will throw at us next - it's excellent physical and mental preparation!"
"Keeping to my diet is a feat in itself! Every time I have to step on that scale, it's like psyching up before a big battle!"
"Crap...did I just say that aloud?"
"It's hard to say. What works for me might not be as effective for you."
"Developing your self-discipline and critical thinking will help you prevail in any endeavor, though, so stick with those for sure."
"Practice does not always make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect. Be sure not to rush - the purpose of training is to learn the right way."
"Do you have any tips for getting along with people?" / "Any advice for me about relationships?"
"I don't quite understand your meaning."
"I always thought we got along pretty well, you and I..."
"It's easier to get along with birds than humans."
"A bird acts as their heart directs, but the words of a human are often very different from their actions."
"The world has in it many bad people, but there are many who are good as well."
"Wherever I go, my calling is to protect the innocent from those who would do them harm."
"It's important to be open to new experiences, even if you're a bit afraid at first."
"I didn't know quite what I was getting into, but then I came to this world and met you. Worth taking a chance on, wouldn't you say?"
"What animals do you like?" / "What do you think of animals?"
"Oh, I love little birds so much!"
"When they're about to make their first flight, I always cheer them on!"
"Animals don't lie, so it's comforting to talk with them."
"I feel like all birds are weird second and third cousins."
"My little pal here is my favorite bird, though."
"When I'm feeling down, birds always tend to come around to cheer me up."
"I try to return the favor by helping them out wherever I can."
"What's it like in Navea?" / "What do you think about Navea?"
"Navea is full of motion and splendor, like a kaleidoscope! It's like there's always something going on there."
"The first time we went there, my little feathered friend here got so wound up, she actually fainted."
"Navea's always so full of life and laughter."
"Truly, it must be a holy city, to bring peace and joy to the lives of so many."
"I felt a little awkward walking around the streets of Navea."
"People stared at me a lot. Young men's eyes seemed to double in size when I walked by."
"Humans seem to like living very cozily, with many coexisting in a small space."
"My palace is actually much larger than the city of Navea."
"What can you tell me about the Avians?" / "I'd like to know more about the Avians."
"I was taken aback the first time I saw the Avians."
"To be birds, and yet incapable of flight...honestly, I felt a bit sorry for them."
"In spite of being a bird-lover, I'm none too fond of the Avians."
"If I see them, I avoid them if I can."
"I heard before that the Avians were strange creatures, but I didn't understand how until I saw them for myself."
"Now I can see why many races don't have a high opinion of them."
"Why DID the Avians give up their ability to fly?"
"Have your world's scholars chronicled how it happened?"
"What can you tell me about PvP?" / "Tell me about the Arena."
"The Arena provides a good opportunity to train."
"Better to make your mistakes there than on the battlefield, right?"
"I fought some battles in tournaments long ago."
"They called me the Scarlet Whirlwind for my punishing kicks of fiery awesomeness!"
"In fact, this one time, there I was, down to my last HP..."
"If you're going to the arena, clad yourself in purple-quality gear."
"Ultimately it's about skill, but good equipment makes you that much more effective."
"I've heard that if you want to test your skill, the Arena is the place to do it."
"I think you're good enough to come out a champ. Let's see some gold medals!"
"I want to know more about archaeology." / "What can you tell me about Archaeology?"
"Archaeology is a great way to learn about who - and what - came before us."
"You're very fortunate to have the opportunity to unearth the treasures of the past."
"I just remembered, there are merchants in Navea who specialize in collecting artifacts of archaeological importance."
"If you dig up anything interesting, I'll be they'd take it off your hands for a good price."
"The humans of old have gone to the great beyond. They can't spend mortal wealth, so you might as well benefit from it."
"For example, I've heard you can exchange artifacts for fortification items. But...what is this "fortification"?"
"You can find ruins and other archaeological sites in almost every area of the world."
"If you're looking for artifacts, it's best to go straight to the source!"
"What's the point of joining a guild?" / "What are your thoughts on guilds?"
"I've heard of these "guilds" - clandestine organizations where members gather together to plot assaults and eat ice cream..."
"Can I join a guild?"
"An Eidolon should be able to join a guild if they want to, I think."
"I'm told that if a guild becomes prestigious enough, they'll gain their own tract of land."
"What kind of place do you suppose it is? Is it as big as my palace?"
"I've heard guilds are a good place to get to know others."
"Joining one could be nice, but for now, I'll take getting to know others one person at a time."
"How do you meditate?" / "What's the secret to successful meditation?"
"It looks very serene, right? So serene that I've fallen asleep meditating before."
"It's like my own mind betrayed itself!"
"Whatever you do, don't fall asleep while meditating. If you do, people might try to draw things on your face."
"You know, whenever I meditate..."
"My little birdie here will just quietly fall asleep."
"Before meditating, you should clear the area of clutter and distractions."
"That way, your mind won't become fixated on what's around you."
"Your pet is so cute!" / "What's your pet's name?"
"She doesn't like being called a pet, honestly - says she prefers to be known as my "valued and esteemed partner"."
"She says "I'm a deity! How could you call me a pet!""
"Sometimes I think it'd be fun to have a pet."
"But if I had one, my friend here would think I wasn't giving her enough attention!"
"Vermilion thinks really highly of Southern Star."
"I've raised Suzaku here since she was just a little chicklet. She might seem kind of weird...and maybe a little lumpy, but before you, she was my only real companion."
"This is Southern Star... He is... Vermilion... my relative..."
"Are you not really the talkative type?" / "You're always so quiet."
"I'm not sure I get the question."
"Is there something I'm misunderstanding?"
"Well, you know what they say - "Something something, blah blah, speak no evil!""
"Now, how did the rest of that go? It sounded so wise when I heard it..."
"Where I'm from, I don't get many visitors - not even other spirits."
"I suppose I still feel a bit awkward with conversation, but don't give up on me!"
"You seem to be able to talk to anyone. Maybe I should be asking for YOUR secret."
"Can you teach me how to talk to anyone with bold confidence?"
"If you could have one wish granted...." / "What's your greatest wish?"
"I wish to take to the sky; to just soar at amazing speeds and feel lighter than air."
"I could sail through the sky all day and never come down."
"It would be super great if I could stop drooling every time I fall asleep..."
"Oh crappers, you weren't supposed to know about that!"
"I'd like to see others be at peace with themselves, and with others."
"If you've got that, you can make remarkable strides as an individual."
"Me and the fuzzball love adventuring with you!"
"Tacky as it might sound, I'm living my dream right now."
"Tell me a secret or two about the other Eidolons." / "Can you tell me some interesting Eidolon facts?"
"I have known Vayu for a very long time."
"But each time we meet, we seem to get into a spat. I guess even the sky isn't big enough for the both of us."
"Spending time with Nalani puts my mind at ease."
"She's like a deep wellspring of peaceful vibes that leaves anyone she talks to feeling refreshed."
"Yarnaros has such a booming voice! When he speaks, it always catches me off-guard."
"At least he has interesting things to say, though! It would truly be a curse to be both booming and boring."
"It doesn't seem like Bel-Chandra likes me much."
"Ever since I became interested in dancing, I think she sees me as "the competition"."
"Where do you come from?" / "Where do you live?"
"My palace floats high in the Southern Skies, though you'd have to travel to the realm of spirits to see it."
"Few venture there, aside from those of my tribe."
"The palace that is my home rises above the clouds. It shimmers in the sunsets like a fiery mountain."
"I come from the Southern Sky. Even in the realm of spirits, where distances are harder to calculate, it is quite remote."
"I live in a palace, of course. I'm enjoying my time out in the world, but I think my little friend here misses her nest."
"What style of martial arts do you study?" / "What makes your martial art style unique?"
"The full name is the "Southern Phoenix Radiant Ascending Fist""
"That's kind of long, so I just call it the Phoenix Fist Style."
"I've tempered my martial art style around the idea that I'm not hurting enemies so much as I'm saving allies."
"I mix a lot of my attacks with fire, as I'm sure you've noticed."
"That's a phoenix for you - the flame of death is also the flame of rebirth!"
"Maaaaybe if you stick with me long enough, I'll teach you a few things."
"But always remember: knowing a martial art is a responsibility, not just for looking really cool - though that IS a nice side-effect."
"Your outfit looks really good on you." / "Tell me about your outfit."
"I decorated this outfit with feathers donated by members of the phoenix tribe."
"It's quite fetching, don't you think?"
"It's a surprisingly comfortable outfit."
"Loose enough in all the right places, and snug enough in all the right places."
"When I created these clothes, I was inspired by martial arts clothing and dancewear."
"It allows freedom of movement while still showing off all my best plumage."
"Oooh, is that a compliment?"
"I'm glad you like it! I put lots of thought into the design."
"You're always with that bird." / "Do you and your bird have a special connection?"
"This little gal had no one to hatch her, so I hatched her egg myself."
"We've been with each other so long that we can understand each other's feelings without words."
"Sometimes I get so absorbed in everything going on around me, but when I look at my friend, I remember where I come from and why I'm here."
"She looks so adorable, you know, but in reality, she's proud and a bit sensitive, as phoenixes tend to be."
"Only I can call her a fuzzball without retribution!"
"She's my only real family. Well...before I had you, anyway."
"She's been enjoying this journey a lot, just as I have."
"If we had to part ways, what would you do next?" / "If we were to separate one day, what would your plans be?"
"I suppose I would continue exploring this mortal realm with my little friend."
"You've been so kind, taking me along, teaching me all kinds of things about this realm."
"Even if we were to part, I would never forget your kindness..."
"There's so much sorrow in this world."
"I think I might like to keep traveling and helping others, putting a smile on many faces."
"We've had our good times and bad times, but I'd miss them all if we parted ways."
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