The Shadow Knight absconded with the Cube of Gaia, and no one seems to know where he escaped to. I'd advise against pursuing him - you have no idea how dangerous that man truly is.
— First segment of Victoria's introduction in Demarech Mines

Victoria is a leader of the Templar Squad in Demarech Mines. She has blue hair and pink glasses, with a Templar-looking armor similar to Anya and Andre. She is one of the three Templar High Commander, notably was the most frequent NPC to use Magic because of her affiliation with Ministry of Magic.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Victoria is a daughter of Winston, General of Church Knight. He died years before the story took place. While shrouding in mystery, he sent Victoria to be taught under the Ministry of Magic, she find her father's advice helpful after she manage to trackdown Reinhardt, the Shadow Knight on Wrathborne Temple. Throughout the Campaign, she is promoted from Templar Squad Leader to Intelligence Commander prior to Battle of Blizzard Berg and she promoted again to Templar High Commander before during Campaign on Wrathborne Temple.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

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Candeo Marsh[edit | edit source]

She led the investigation about Cube of Gaia that was discovered by Shadow Knight Reinhardt, throughout the event she continue to gather intel regarding of his movement and send the Envoy to intercept it and if possible rescue the surviving kidnapped villagers which include town Mayor and former Templar Blacksmith, Harvey. The news about the old man's true identity which later to be revealed as Harvey shocked her much as she realize that Reinhardt want Harvey to forge Miracle weapons for him but she was relieved that Harvey was rescued. She went into the Miner's steppe to aid Envoy and result is she manage to prevent Maggie from escaping and capturing her.

Blizzard Berg[edit | edit source]

She was assigned as North Intelligence Commander and words from front line aroused her much since her main force are scattered. Lawrence dispatch the Envoy to assist her much to her relief and she orders the Envoy to secure the front lines by securing Fall of Feren Village where Alex was trapped.

Emerald Marsh[edit | edit source]

She was assigned on Emerald Marsh as the Surpeme Commander of this field, she along with Carrick which was re-assigned from Nudak Fortress are assembling plan to secure the Turbine Settlement while also using Smuggler's Cabin as her Battle Base and entrance of Cadilla Ruins as the Forward Base. Her Campaign on Cadilla Felwood almost ended up in her death after a huge rock falls to the Envoy but she manage to push Envoy aside in time, sacrificing herself which makes the Demon and Envoy believe that she was dead. A miracle happens when she was be able to deal a killing blow to the demon and Envoy suspect that she was dead but she told the Envoy that she was saved in a skin of her teeth, hiding in the dust of the rockfall itself to conceal her presence and finding opening to annihilate the Demon. After defeating the Demon, she start to realize her father's intention of enlisting her on Ministry of Magic that she would never expect it can become very handy in the time like this.

Silent Ice Field[edit | edit source]

Victoria was assigned to guard Maggie which she refers it as the most annoying task ever. Envoy meet up with her and need Envoy's help to interrogate Maggie but suddenly a Demon Assassin appeared and was defeated by the Envoy but it dropped something. Victoria took it and show it to Maggie but suddenly she become co-operative and propose her to establish siege unit and lay the siege on the mountain hill which will break the stalemate where Andre was stationed at. The plan went well but Victoria remain suspicious about her sudden co-operation. Envoy went to the front lines and securing the fort and once the Demon Fortress are secured. She takes Maggie into the Frozenlea Plains to defeat Reinhardt once and for all.

Upon the battle with Reinhardt at the plains, Maggie suddenly escape from the guard and cast a spell that causes her to sacrifice her life but not to where Victoria secretly cast a spell to track Reinhardt down before he disappears. She was frustrated about it as she realize that the stone that was dropped by the Demon Assassin earlier contains ancient letter that written "buy me some time". Even so, the demons are defeated on the Ice Field.

Wrathborne Temple[edit | edit source]

Back to where The Envoy got the same vision again, Victoria, Alex and Anya joins the battle with Andre to stop Reinhardt and with the assist of the Envoy they manage to breakthrough the Demons defensive line but when Reinhardt shows up she was defeated before the battle can be started. The Envoy also being suppressed by Reinhardt but all of the Commanding Officers are being cured by Belenus who come in time to aid them. After the Envoy defeats Reinhardt in one on one duel and opening Pandemonium Rift, Belenus bid his farewell as he will remain there to keep the Rift in the bay as long as he can while Imma was selected as a new Grand Bishop replacing him.

Viridian Steppe and discovery of Winston[edit | edit source]

With only Victoria as avaiable High Commander to go and her matters at Emerald Marsh has been completed, she was selected by Imperial Guard Gus as a Supreme Commander of Principia Expedition to make a journey with the airship to seek the Holy Sword and Salesian descendants or remains with Envoy but the demon ambushed them in mid-air, causing the airship to fall down to Viridian Steppe. She quickly set up camp to repair the ship but the centaurs attack the camp while she also stumbled upon surviving caravan that survives the assault. She send the Envoy to deal with Centaurs which later known as Zingaro Tribe and she will protect the camp for a while to defend the caravan group and repairing airship. However when the word reach her that Envoy was ambushed by the demons that disguised as human at Excavation Site, she decide to rush to the aid of Envoy and she succed in rescuing but she was trapped by LavaLord's minion and Envoy set her free first before join to battle LavaLord to rescue Zingaro Princess, Eleanora.

Upon the defeat of LavaLord, Winston appear and Princess Eleanora charge at him but easily dodged and strike back at her. Victoria was surprised to see her father was alive and she try to make him recognize his own daughter but failed, much to her shock that her father was turned into a demon. Later, the Envoy of Zingaro Tribe wishes to have an audience with her and he lauded them with praise first before telling her that Zingaro Tribe will join forces to aid Templar Knights and to add her confidence Pablo, the Unity Chamber of Commerce Captain was also want to co-operate with the church. Hearing this good news, Victoria send Envoy to Grand Bishop Imma to report about the situation while she make preparations with her army that was not injured to advance to Desolate Valley while waiting for the Airship to be repaired.

Desolate Valley[edit | edit source]

After Viridian Steppe was secured, she along with her units advance to Desolate Valley while leaving the repairs of the airship to the defense squad and repair crew but the situation was very horrifying knowing that Oland Village, the Village that protects the Holy Sword has been destroyed by the demons and the Hunter Village Camp are on high alert due to that. Despite the goblin messenger has arrived, things are not in her favor as the hunters doesn't want to co-operate and she need church, hunters and goblin's cooperation to defeat demons on Desolate Valley and she leave the task to Envoy for that matters to secure their alliances with church. She later discovered that her father, General Winston is under the Command of Keres, Queen of Minion.

Redeployment at Wrathborne Temple[edit | edit source]

After Envoy finish the errands at Tanglevine Cascades, she receive message in order to withdraw back to Navea immediately in order to join Andre's squad and went to Wrathborne Temple after the Church heard that Belenus is in trouble.

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