Weapons are a special type of equipment. All players have a main weapon slot to wield the weapon of their main class. Off-hand weapon slots are used to allow the player to wield the weapon of their subclass as a secondary weapon.

Types of WeaponsEdit


Icon Class / Weapon
Meleeicon1 Guardian Sword and Shield
Meleeicon2 Duelist Dual Blades
Meleeicon3 Ravager Great Axe
Meleeicon4 Brawler Katar
Meleeicon5 Ronin Tachi
Meleeicon6 Holy Sword Holy Sword
Lance icon Lancer Lance


Icon Class / Weapon
Rangeicon1 Grenadier Cannon
Rangeicon2 Gunslinger Dual Pistols
Rangeicon3 Ranger Battle Bow
Rangeicon4 Shinobi Shuriken
Guitar icon Guitar Guitar


Icon Class / Weapon
Magicicon1 Wizard Staff
Magicicon2 Sorcerer Grimoire
Magicicon3 Bard Harp
Magicicon4 Necromancer Scythe

List of WeaponsEdit

Sword and ShieldsEdit

Azuria/Legacy Azuria Sword and ShieldAura Sword and ShieldAdvanced Gaia Sword and Shield
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice Sword and ShieldWooden Sword and BoardMilitiaman Sword and ShieldBeast Sword and ShieldSword and Shield of BraveryKnight Sword and ShieldEmerald Sword and ShieldDarksteel Sword and ShieldSkeleton Sword and ShieldIronforge Sword and ShieldPurifying Sword and ShieldHoly Vine Sword and ShieldSword and Shield of FrostlightMori's Sword and Shield
Blue Level 8 - 48 Fine Wooden Sword and ShieldMercenary's Sword and ShieldRaging Beast Sword and ShieldProven Warrior's Sword and ShieldEmerald Dragon's Sword and Shield
Green Level 30 - 85 Savage Sword and ShieldResolute Sword and ShieldSilver Sword and Shield of SecretsEvil Ghost Sword and ShieldRose Duelist's Sword and ShieldCardinal Sword and ShieldRebellion Sword and ShieldMooncover Sword and Shield
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Guardsman's Sword and ShieldGallant Knight's Sword and ShieldAssault Sword and ShieldRoyal Sword and ShieldSanctioned Sword and ShieldDeepwood Sword and ShieldRavenous Sword and ShieldBrahmin's Rain Sword and Shield
Level 101 - 115 Dream-eating Sword and Shield
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's King Sword and ShieldDefender's Sword and ShieldConqueror's Sword and ShieldAdjudicator's Sword and ShieldKing's Sword and ShieldJade Forest Sword and ShieldGhodroon's Ravenous Sword and ShieldNalani's Invigorating Rain
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Sword and Shield
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's Sword and ShieldElite Guardian's Sword and ShieldOverlord's Sword and ShieldFallen Butcher's Sword and ShieldWarlord Sword and Shield
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Sword and Shield
Gold Level 45 - 85 Forseti's Admirable SoulGrass Kingdom's Sword of BraveryBloody Rose Sword and ShieldSix Wings: Heavenly Sword and ShieldReverence
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Unyielding Sword and ShieldNazrudin's Draconic Sword and Shield
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Thunderclap Sword and ShieldDragon Tail and Dragon ScalePaladin - Demon God Sword and Shield
Level 105 - 115 Deep Shadow: Soul Frost Bulwark

Dual BladesEdit

Azuria/Legacy Azuria BladesAura Dual BladesAdvanced Gaia Dual Blades
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice BladesCrude KnivesHunting BladesIron BladesBattle BladesOrnamental MachetesArmor Piercing DaggersSharp Assassin's BladesArc MachetesSilversong Dual BladesBluevein Dual BladesPoison Crystal Thin BladeTrue BladesTwilight Dual Blades
Blue Level 8 - 48 Specially Crafted BladesConcealed BladesForged Iron BladesBattle-forged Twin BladesDragonscale Daggers
Green Level 30 - 85 Assassin's BladesExquisite Stone DaggersHoly Crescent ScimitarsCrimson RazorsFirebreak Dual BladesHalcyon Dual BladesChain ShadowbladeFlowering Blades
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Carved BladesShining DaggersScimitars from a Faraway LandWind Spirit BladesEvil Eye BladesArctic Dual BladesAncient Dual BladesPure Lotus Dual Blades
Level 101 - 115 Auroral Dual Blade
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Indigo DaggersMageweave BladesCursed ScimitarsDemonic BladesWindslicer BladesChillblood Dual BladesGhodroon's Supreme Dual BladesNalani's Lotus Blades
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Dual Blades
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's BladesMachetes of the Elite GuardianOverlord's Dual BladesFallen Butcher's Dual BladesWarlord Dual Blades
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Dual Blades
Gold Level 45 - 85 Carlos's Precision StrikeMeira's Silver Ceremonial DaggerBlades of Fame and GloryDual Blades: Razors of the Demonic AbyssSky Incinerator
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Soul-Rending FangsNazrudin's Blades, Australis and Borealis
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
The Soulless and The SorrowFlame Shadow: Soul-Breaking Dual ThornsShadow Blade - Brighttooth Dual Blades
Level 105 - 115 Flowing Light: Twinkling Jade Wings

Great AxesEdit

Great Axe icon   Great Axe
Azuria/Legacy Azuria AxeAura Great AxeAdvanced Gaia Great Axe
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice AxeWoodman's AxeHardwood AxeLong-Handled Battle AxeGiant Totem AxeGigantic Axe of DoomWarrior's Giant AxeDouble-Edged Battle AxeGladiator's Heavy AxeViolet Heavy AxeJadewood Battle AxeForest AxeWinded Twin AxesDetermination Twin Axes
Blue Level 8 - 48 Woodcutter's AxeSturdy AxeExquisite War AxeWild Ravager's Great AxeValiant Axe
Green Level 30 - 85 Gigantic Bronze AxeDragonblight AxeGlorious Battle AxeEarth-Shattering Battle AxeJade Heavy AxePermafrost AxeDragonrider Giant AxeThunderbolt Axe
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Gigantic Tribal AxeGladiator's AxeBloodseeker Heavy AxeAxe of Arcane PatternsGinormous Axe of DestructionMolten Great AxeMagma AxeGolden Battleaxe
Level 101 - 115 Malevolent Great Axe
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Gigantic Battle AxeTribal Chief's Heavy AxeThe DecapitatorSacred Scar Battle AxeAxe of ExtinctionEthereal Great AxeGhodroon's Axe of DeceptionNalani's Golden Axe
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Axe
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's Heavy AxeGreat Axe of the Elite GuardianOverlord's Great AxeFallen Butcher's Great AxeWarlord Greataxe
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Axe
Gold Level 45 - 85 Hallim's Mighty StrikesGiant Jordan's Cleaver of the SeasCleaver of the SkyBeast King DecapitatorDemon Stalker
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Swift DecapitatorNazrudin's Axe of the Ocean's Might
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Karka's Bloodthirsty AxeDemon of the InfernoFurious Wind - Evil Dragon Great Axe
Level 105 - 115 Wind Howling: Divine Massacre Battle Roar


Staff icon   Staff
Azuria/Legacy Azuria StaffAura StaffAdvanced Gaia Great Staff
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice StaffTrainee StaffGem StaffOak StaffServant StaffHoly Light StaffStaff of IntelligenceIce Crystal StaffUnearthly StaffEmpyrescant StaffSunreaver StaffArcane StaffEvanescent Dual StavesDual Staffs of the Secret Forest
Blue Level 8 - 48 Initiate's StaffGraduate's StaffInstitue of Magic's StaffInventor's StaffStaff of the Archbishop
Green Level 30 - 85 Crystal StaffStaff of Ancient RunesSparkling Crystal StaffShadow Curse StaffEmpyrescant StaffMalibask StaffVoid Demon StaffSpiritual Moondust Staff
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Mentor StaffGlyphed StaffSoul Infused StaffStaff of MoonstarIllusion Flower StaffOccult StaffMagic Fusion StaffAncient Staff
Level 101 - 115 Chaotic Staff
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Emerald StaffGreat Sage StaffStaff of the ArchmageStaff of the StarsArcane StaffForbidden Crystal StaffGhodroon's Chaotic Wizard StaffNalani's Eternal Staff
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Staff
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's StaffElite Guardian's StaffOverlord's StaffFallen Butcher's StaffWarlord Scepter
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Staff
Gold Level 45 - 85 Deckard's Fiery SunMina's Staff of the AlmightyDark Wraith's WandQuelkulan StaffDeath's Door
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's GraspNazrudin's Staff of the Siren
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Glorious Staff of Star DustBroken Wing of the Fallen AngelShining - Holy Scepter
Level 105 - 115 Resonant Spirit: Origin of the World

Dual PistolsEdit

Azuria/Legacy Azuria PistolsAura Dual PistolsAdvanced Gaia Dual Pistols
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice PistolsWood Handle PistolsShort-Ranged PistolsService PistolsMercenary PistolsClassic PistolsWilderness PistolsCavalry PistolsAssassin PistolsCrimson PistolsThorium PistolsSoul Judgment PistolFlying Star Dual PistolsFast Shadow Dual Pistols
Blue Level 8 - 48 Wooden HandgunsClose-range PistolsStandard Issue PistolsElegant Officer's PistolsVintage Pistols
Green Level 30 - 85 Military PistolsShadow Courtier's PistolsAssassin's GunsMysterious SidearmsCruxfire Dual PistolsReticent Trigger PistolsSkyseal Magic PistolSunlight Pistols
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Military PistolsClassy PistolsDueler's PistolsPistols of the AristocracyPirate PistolsMolten Dual BladesSilent Hunting PistolGolden Pheasant Lance
Level 101 - 115 Spiritual Gun
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Emblazoned PistolsCaptain's PistolsVictory PistolsThe Duke's DuelersSoul Piercing PistolsSoulfire Dual PistolsGhodroon's Silenced Solar GunNalani's Avian Heart
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Dual Pistols
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's PistolsDual Pistols of the Elite GuardianOverlord's Dual PistolsFallen Butcher's Dual PistolsWarlord Dual Pistols
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Dual Pistols
Gold Level 45 - 85 Turin's ExecutionersMax's Magicked Dual PistolsBlue Eagle PistolsDemonic NightwalkerAzure Eyes
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Hail of FireNazrudin's Shimmering Scale Pistols
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Draconic Dimensional PiercersThe Black Breath of DragonsDivine Strike - Magic Pistols
Level 105 - 115 Selfless: Godly Justice


Cannon icon   Cannon
Azuria/Legacy Azuria CannonAura CannonAdvanced Gaia Cannon
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice CannonSimple CannonLight ArtilleryMechanical CannonHeavy Fire CannonAncient CannonAutomatic CannonBeast CannonMachinist CannonJadestone CannonDustfist CannonSkyshatter CannonGreen Condensate LanceGrowler Cannon
Blue Level 8 - 48 Prototype CannonGuerilla ArtillerySteampowered CannonMortar CannonDwarven Cannon
Green Level 30 - 85 Turbo CannonHeavy Industrial CannonGiant Robot ArmSavage Giant CannonCamouflage CannonBluestalker CannonFloodlight CannonShadow Artillery
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Submachine CannonReliquary CannonDouble Powder CannonCarapace CannonBurning Sun CannonRedsteel CannonHowling CannonWisdom Lance
Level 101 - 115 Troll Cannon
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Deadly Cannon88mm Deck GunMageweave CannonCannon of the DawnGiant Skeletal CannonAzure Defense TurretGhodroon's Dragonroar CannonNalani's Wisdom Artillery
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Cannon
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's CannonElite Guardian's CannonOverlord's ArtilleryFallen Butcher's CannonWarlord Cannon
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Cannon
Gold Level 45 - 85 Bradley's Mountain BusterBlockhead's Nemesis IncineratorBringer of PandemoniumDynastic CannonVoid Striker
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Meteoric ShockNazrudin's Ferocious Shark Cannon
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Great Cannon of a Land ForgottenJudgment from the HeavensFrozen Flame - Giant Cannon
Level 105 - 115 Mighty Radiance: Road Exploding Heavy Weapon


Magic Book icon   Grimoire
Azuria/Legacy Azuria GrimoireAura GrimoireAdvanced Gaia Grimoire
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice GrimoireRookie GrimoirePioneer's TomeCodex of Emerald OakBook of RipplesCodex of Flourishing FlowersBook of the ArcaneBook of Beast BonesBook of IllusionsPeacewater GrimoireAfflictive GrimoireSearchlight BookDark Prison BookBook of Life
Blue Level 8 - 48 Beginner's GrimoireExplorer's Travel LogSecrets of the ForestGrimoire of EchosCodex of the Violet Dream
Green Level 30 - 85 Codex of Blue MapleTome of Witch's SecretsCodex of MagicForbidden Codex of Vile BoneRoseate GrimoireTortoiseshell GrimoireSacred DecreeBook of Doom
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Book of SpringGrimoire of Exotic FlowersCodex of TruthBook of RitualsCodex of the MachinistCodex of Flourishing FlowersAbyssal BookBook of Kala
Level 101 - 115 Grimoire of Knowledge
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Grim GrimoireBook of the Poison MarshDivine Codex of ArcanumAncient Dwarven CodexForbidden TomeDemon Crystal GrimoireGhodroon's Secret Abyssal ScripturesNalani's Book of Kala
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Tome
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's GrimoireElite Guardian's GrimoireOverlord's GrimoireFallen Butcher's GrimoireWarlord Bible
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Forbidden Tome
Gold Level 45 - 85 Holm's Lost Tome of the AncientsCodex of the First VillageSecret Book of the Giant DragonHoly Metaphoric CodeFire Spirit's Codex
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Lexicon DemonicaNazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
The Book of Seven ButterfliesHoly Code of RevelationHoly Flames - Glowing Bible
Level 105 - 115 God's War: Creation Law


Harp icon   Harp
Azuria/Legacy Azuria HarpAura HarpAdvanced Gaia Harp
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice HarpWooden HarpGreen Leaves HarpBronze HarpDeep Sea ZitherBeast Tooth HarpRune HarpZither of EnchantmentHarmonielehreEuropa HarpFrostwing HarpExplorer's HarpRainbow InstrumentBaloa's Harp
Blue Level 8 - 48 Old Wooden HarpHarp of Whispering WindGraceful ZitherZither of the Raging SeasLyre of Ancient Growth
Green Level 30 - 85 Harmonious HarpLyre of Holy VoicesBewitching HarpPoet HarpAura's Mist HarpGodfire HarpMana Wellspring HarpBurning Instrument
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Zither of the TidesMagic Seal HarpEnchanted Beast's HarpMermaid's ZitherZither of the Crescent MoonLeviathan HarpSoul-Sealing HarpPurana Harp
Level 101 - 115 Repentance Harp
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Harp of TruthTsunami HarpEvil Beast HarpPoseidon's HarpZither of the Holy MoonDragon Crystal HarpGhodroon's Phantom Divine HarpNalani's Harp
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Harp
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's HarpElite Guardian's HarpOverlord's HarpFallen Butcher's HarpWarlord Zither
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Demon Harp
Gold Level 45 - 85 Randall's Phoenix Blessed LyreReid's Soul Seeking HarpGlorious Harp of the WarbringerSoul Requiem HarpFrostwings
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Song of ConflagrationNazrudin's Kithara of the Silver Rose
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Zither of GaiaCelestial Crystal HarpHoly Zither - Sounds of Nature
Level 105 - 115 Enduring: Sprite Whisper


Katar icon   Katar
Azuria/Legacy Azuria KatarsAura KatarsAdvanced Gaia Katar
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice KatarsInitiate's KatarsKatars of the HunterGuardian's KatarsKatars of the Loyal TemplarBattlewolf's Vicious ClawsBlue Crystalline ClawsDemon Forged KatarsShadowcraft KatarsBlackink KatarJudgment KatarsRagewood KatarsMoon Mark KatarMegawing Katar
Blue Level 8 - 48 Finely Crafted KatarsSwift Hunter's KatarsAdept's KatarsCrusader's KatarsHoly Claws
Green Level 30 - 85 Reinforced Steel KatarsDark Wolf ClawsBlood-forged KatarsKatars of the Demon HunterArid Bones KatarJadescale KatarSwiftstrike SpiderbladeMalevolent Katars
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Sea Serpent's KatarsThundering Claws of PandemoniumGleaming Ruby ClawsKatars of the Soaring EagleKatars of the Holy ProtectorCrystal KatarsMythic Horn KatarsPure Trust Katars
Level 101 - 115 Swift Katar
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Mithril Claws of FuryZaahir's Sharpened FangsPristine Emeraldine ClawsDemon Winged KatarsKatars of the Saintly PunisherPhantom KatarsGhodroon's Deadscale Dual ThornsNalani's Tyrant Fist
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Claws
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's KatarsKatars of the Elite GuardianOverlord's KatarsFallen Butcher's KatarsWarlord Katars
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Katars
Gold Level 45 - 85 Katrina's JudgementMeira's Freezing KatarsSharpened Teeth of the Holy BeastScorching Rune KatarsBlack Fangs
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Fiery ClawsNazrudin's Azure Fangs
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Demonic Claws of the FallenOtherworldly DestroyersSmite - Cleansing Katar
Level 105 - 115 Spiky Thorn: Painful Echoes

Battle BowsEdit

Azuria/Legacy Azuria Battle BowAura War BowAdvanced Gaia War Bow
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice Wooden BowFine Wooden BowForest Ranger's BowStrong Iron LongbowEmeraldine LongbowArcher's Battle BowElven LongbowSea Dragon Hunting BowDwarven LongbowHeroic BowBlazing Butterfly BowDarkwood Compound BowViolet Spring Battle BowDark Night War Bow
Blue Level 8 - 48 Cedar LongbowHunter's BowWoodsman's Hunting BowFinely Crafted LongbowBow of Nobility
Green Level 30 - 85 Sturdy Steel LongbowDemon's BaneDwarven Nightmare BowSerpent King's War BowSwallowtail Battle BowWicked's Winsom BowMagic Focus BowBlasting Longbow
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Royal Plumed Battle BowBow of the Violet MaidenWildling's Battle BowHeroic Composite BowBow of FrostDynamic Battle BowWinged Battle BowQuick Lotus Bow
Level 101 - 115 Winged Bow
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Bow of the GoddessSilver Plumed Battle BowSoul of the Glorious HunterValkyrie's Composite BowDreamer's LongbowAshen Wing Battle BowGhodroon's Dragonwing BowNalani's White Lotus Bow
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon War Bow
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's War BowElite Guardian's Composite BowOverlord's War BowFallen Butcher's Battle BowWarlord Battle Bow
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord War Bow
Gold Level 45 - 85 Berlioz's Bow of SplendorGrass Kingdom's Bravewind BowThe Psionic GazeRighteous BowScarlet Falcon
(Level 60 - 65)
Blazing Horns of ZaahirNazrudin's Bow of Tides
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Bow of the Dwarven KingVoracious War Bow of SunflameSniper - Devil's Bow
Level 105 - 115 Wild Blaze: Nemesis' Fury


Tachi icon   Tachi
Azuria/Legacy Azuria TachiAura TachiAdvanced Gaia Katana
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice TachiPractical TachiSamurai TachiBeast Bone TachiRune Engraved TachiThunderstitch TachiStrong Iron TachiWhirling TachiIce Crystal TachiSoulburner TachiSunlight TachiLionheart LongswordFixed Light TachiEthereal Katana
Blue Level 8 - 48 Hematite TachiBrass TachiGanso TachiHoly TachiLightning Strike Tachi
Green Level 30 - 85 Mudstone TachiSwift TachiSandstorm TachiOnyx TachiWater's Bite TachiReaper's Caress TachiStrife TachiTachi of the Chasing wind
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Arcanum TachiJade Thunder TachiGladiator's TachiDreadgore TachiSinister Torment TachiSunfire TachiSanguine Soul BladeSpring Rain Longsword
Level 101 - 115 Calming Katana
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Lightning TachiEvil Curse TachiWarbringer TachiBeholder's TachiBereft TachiRaging Tide TachiGhodroon's Tachi of FearNalani's Spring Rain
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Katana
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant's TachiBattlefield King TachiOverlord's TachiFallen Butcher's TachiWarlord Tachi
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Katana
Gold Level 45 - 85 Takezo's Persistent ResolveTachi of the First VillageSacred Blade: Angel's WingEthereal RosebladeNazrudin's Spine
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Lava ClawsNazrudin's Aquatic Blade
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Illusionary Blade: Big DipperDragon Soul: ShadowbladeFlash - Frostflame Tachi
Level 105 - 115 Malignance: Green Dawn


Scythe icon   Scythe
Azuria/Legacy Scythe of the RealmAura ScytheAdvanced Gaia Scythe
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice ScytheTrial ScytheDementor ScytheShadow ScytheColdmoon ScytheBloodword ScytheSharktooth ScytheRedlotus ScytheUltraviolet ScytheIllusion Flower ScytheBloodvine ScytheDragontooth Crystal ScytheSoul SickleVital Scythe
Blue Level 8 - 48 Training ScytheSoulreaver ScythePhantom ScytheFrostmoon ScytheTestament Scythe
Green Level 30 - 85 Abyssal ScytheSlander ScytheAquila ScytheBeryflame ScytheThunderclap ScytheAdvanced Aquila Platoon ScythePelamis ScytheFlower's PhantasmStifling ScytheRevenant's Scythe
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Shadowmoon ScytheOcean's Whisper ScytheTiger's Bane ScytheDragon Wing ScytheRed Eagle ScytheProfane ScytheScythe of ArroganceSacrificial Scythe
Level 101 - 115 Dedicated Scythe
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Shrouded ScytheFrostmoon ScytheWhitefang ScytheDemonic Wing ScytheEvil Eagle ScytheUnholy Bone ScytheGhodroon's Arrogant ScytheNalani's Sacrificial Scythe
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Scythe
Purple Level 50 - 90 Tyrant's Scythe of CrueltyElite Guardian's ScytheOverlord's SickleFallen Butcher's ScytheWarlord Sickle
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Scythe
Gold Level 45 - 85 Audy's PassionGiant Jordan's Eagle ScytheMecha-niacal MonarchDragonfang ReaperSoul Burner
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's InfernoNazrudin's Turbulence
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Asura's RegretBlustering Blueblood's ScytheSouleater - Crystal Scythe
Level 105 - 115 Soul Reaping: Crime and Punishment

Holy SwordsEdit

Azuria/Legacy Azuria Holy SwordGaia Holy SwordAdvanced Gaia Holy Sword
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice LongswordStandard LongswordHeavy Guard SwordSteel GreatswordChain LongswordBeast Tusk LongswordLegion GreatswordHeavy Imperial Guard SwordHoly Emblem GreatswordBloodfray Magic SwordSting GreatswordSilent Prayer Holy SwordSword of Pure LanguageVital Holy Sword
Blue Level 8 - 48 Copper LongswordHeavy Iron SwordSculptured GreatswordRope Cutting GreatswordVeined Heavy Sword
Green Level 30 - 85 Scarring GreatswordElite GreatswordMystic Spell GreatswordDemon Sealing LongswordAdvanced Aquila Holy SwordDark Tusk Magic SwordAmethyst Magic SwordChanting Holy SwordDragon's Breath Heavy Sword
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Fractured Stone LongswordGlory GreatswordFrozen Weasel SwordHeavy Earth SwordIlluminated Holy SwordDragon Scale Holy SwordMerciless BladeHeavy Gold Sword
Level 101 - 115 Unique Greatsword
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Dark Vein SwordObsidian LongswordBlood Claw GreatswordHoly Sword of SanctionKayel Holy SwordEnigma SwordGhodroon's Devastation BladeNalani's Golden Sword
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Sword
Purple Level 50 - 90 Tyrannic SwordConqueror's SwordOverlord's SwordFallen Butcher's GreatswordWarlord Greatsword
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Demon Sword
Gold Level 45 - 85 Mandon's Aegis of CourageAnnie's Demon SlayerSolar Machinery GreatswordHoly Judgment of the Winged GoddessGlacial Twister
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's MightNazrudin Breath Sword
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Royal Rose GuardTrue Flame Evil Beholder SwordEternal Light - Terrifying Sword
Level 105 - 115 Proverbs: Missionary


Shuriken icon   Shuriken
Azuria/Legacy Sacred ShurikenAura ShurikenAdvanced Gaia Shuriken
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice's ShurikenCopper ShurikenStealth ShurikenBone ShredderSeeker ShurikenBloodrune FangMystic Cyclone BladeHoly Throwing AxeBrahman ThornGuardian Crystal BladeGale of VinesIndigo PhantomNocturnal ShurikenHidden Shuriken
Blue Level 8 - 48 Crimson ShurikenShadow ShurikenCrimson CutterHeart of SteelMagic Throwing Axe
Green Level 30 - 85 Bone CutterSharp Cyclone BladeWicked ThornWooden Throwing AxePolar Holy StarShadowvine ScytheAurora's GlimpseFloating Dust Shadow
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Windmill ShurikenGleaming Cyclone BladeDarkshadow FangHoly StarCrimson BonemarangPhantom Poison DartShaiyaLotus Dagger
Level 101 - 115 Helix Blade
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Cyclone BladeNightstalker ShurikenRazored FangDivine StarGolden BonemarangCrimson Snake DartGhodroon's ShaiyaNalani's Pure Lotus Shadow
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Shuriken
Purple Level 50 - 90 Tyrant's BladeConqueror's ScimitarOverlord's Bloody WheelFallen Butcher's ScimitarWarlord Darts
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Toxic Blade
Gold Level 45 - 85 Hanso's Poison BladeIsaias' Soul StealerEmpyrean WingsCrystal ShadowSpiral Thunder
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's HubrisNazrudin's Wing
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Bewitching ShurikenNature's BladePlague Bomb - Golden Darts
Level 105 - 115 Falling Scar: Storm Cutter


Lance icon   Lance
Azuria/Legacy Amesia LanceGaia LanceAdvanced Gaia Lance
White Level 1 - 98 Apprentice LanceGeneric LanceRefined LanceGuard LanceRed Iron LancePriest's LanceImperial LanceHoly War AxeImmortal Bird War LanceRed Devil Broad LanceBarbed Blood LanceLight LanceTemple War LanceDevastating Lance
Blue Level 8 - 48 Copper LanceRefining LanceRegulation LancePyro LanceSanguinary War Lance
Green Level 30 - 85 Warfaring LanceFrostbite LanceCrimson LanceLance SliceGrey Spirit LanceIce Spirit LanceCrescent Moon LanceIcing Lance
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 40 - 90)
Demonic LanceDemon Soldier LanceDemon Lord LanceAmethyst EqualizerCarrion LanceDemonic Viper LanceFlaming Demon LanceSkyward Lance
Level 101 - 115 Masterless Lance
Orange Level 40 - 90 Harvey's Flaming Red LanceCenturion LanceArchbishop's LanceDragon Tyrant LanceJade Hail LanceDemonic Viper LanceGhodroon's Pyro LanceNalani's Heavenly Lance
Level 101 - 115 Bloodmoon Lance
Purple Level 50 - 90 Cruel Tyrant LanceDecorated General's LanceCampaign Lord Magic LanceGolem Slaying LanceWarlord Lance
Level 101 - 115 Military Overlord Lancer
Gold Level 45 - 85 Willis' Windswirl LanceMayin's Devilchain LanceInferno Basic LanceRose Red Tide LanceHoly Demonbane Lance
(Level 60 - 65)
Zaahir's Dragon ThornNazrudin's Quicksilver Lance
Sky Tower
(Level 65 - 95)
Frozen Icy LanceLiberator's Mechanical LanceCreator's Divine Lance
Level 105 - 115 Lonely Mist: Road Opening Divine Weapon


Guitar icon   Guitar
White Level 85 - 98 Obscurum GuitarDiabolus GuitarGreat Overlord Guitar
Green Level 85 Blatta Guitar
Crafting/Fusion Materials
(Level 80 - 90)
Demonic Eyes GuitarDivine Guitar
Level 101 - 115 Libratus Guitar
Orange Level 80 - 90 Ghodroon's Magic Flame GuitarNalani's Divine Wing Guitar
Level 101 - 115 Libratus
Purple Level 80 - 90 Dragon Slayer GuitarMotorcycle Rock GuitarBattle Lord Guitar
Level 101 - 115 Demon Crusher Guitar
Gold Level 85 - 95 Soul-Stealing Demonic GuitarDemonic Eyes Guitar
Sky Tower
(Level 95)
Tinnitus Guitar
Level 105 - 115 Wind Slice: Forceful Guitar
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