Playable Weapons
Sword and Shield》《Dual Blades》《Great Axe》《Staff》《Dual Pistols》《Cannon
Magic Book》《Harp》《Katars》《Battle Bow》《Tachi》《Scythe》《Holy Sword》《Shuriken》《Lance


In the original Fantasy Frontier Online, there are no such things as "Classes". Instead, classes are referred to as weapons.

Weapons fall into one of three categories, Melee, Range, and Magic.


Melee classes/weapons generally tend to focus on close combat and physical attacks. Because of this, they also like to have a slightly higher focus on defensive stats such as the obvious (defense itself) and evasion. Current possible melee classes/weapons are as follows:


Ranged classes/weapons (much like melee) rely mostly on physical attacks; however, they like to be a little further from the danger so that they can have more time to attack and strategize. Current possible ranged classes/weapons are as follows:


Magic classes/weapons are unique in that they rely vastly more on magic attacks than anything else, allowing them to flood enemies with debuffs to reduce stats and make them weaker, and flood allies with buffs in increase stats and make them stronger or even heal them. Current possible magic classes/weapons are as follows: