Western Saury

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade. Cannot be stored in the shared warehouse.
Character Level 5 and Above.
A medium-sized saltwater fish, renowned for it's flavor. It's the staple of the coast dweller's diet.

You can accept Fish Supply missions from the Director of Anglers Anonymous in Navea
Related Quest: "Fish Supply: Western Saury"

Dissect the fish to gain a small amount of EXP.
There is a chance of obtaining a Custom Costume when dissecting this fish.
Right-Click to cut open the fish.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Obtain[edit | edit source]

Items you can obtain my cutting open Western Saury are:

Icon Name
Experiencedust.jpg Crystallized Experience Dust
Experiencefragments.png Crystallized Experience Fragments
Custom-eyeofdarkness.png Custom Eye of Darkness (F)
Custom-eyeofdarkness.png Custom Eye of Darkness (M)
Custom-armorofdarkness(M).png Custom Armor of Darkness (F)
Custom-armorofdarkness(F).png Custom Armor of Darkness (M)
Glimmeringsecretstone.jpg Glimmering Secret Stone
Secretstone.jpg Secret Stone of Despair
Shiningsecretstone.jpg Shining Secret Stone
Smallexperiencecrystal.jpg Small Experience Crystal
Costume-windrunnerscap.png Windrunner's Cap (F)
Costume-windrunnerscap.png Windrunner's Cap (M)
Costume-windrunnerssuit(F).png Windrunner's Suit (F)
Costume-windrunnerssuit(M).png Windrunner's Suit (M)
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