Will is Father of Susanna and also a culprit that was responsible for the murder caused by Corpser Bandits.


The only eyewitness and plotted to close Candetonn to outsidersEdit

Will bluntly talked to the villagers that it was all the outsiders' fault that causes the bats around the Marsh to murder several people and recently Lucas was murdered by the same thing as he claims it but Yolanda, Lucas's wife, rushes straight from Helonia is suspicious of his statement since her husband can take care of himself. Even so, Will is not going to change his statement as the only one that seen vampire by his own eyes and he want the outsiders to quickly leave Candeo Marshand so the problems can be fixed and no more murder will happen in the future.

The Envoy then runs some investigation unbeknownst to him which will lead to his downfall eventually as the Envoy eventually worked with Mia.

The truth and arrestEdit

The Envoy returns from Corpser Bandits and report to Anya, The Commander-in-charge of investigation and handed the bag of letter over to her. She read it and became furious as she realized that Will is the one behind this as evidenced by his name on the letter. She realizes that he is the culprit and the mastermind of the multiple murder cases. While he insists that he is not the one doing it and blamed them for using his name but Anya doesn't want to believe him as she and her soldiers eventually arrest him and was taken to Navea for interrogation while also charge him for multiple deaths and being accomplice to Corpser Bandits of the recent deaths in the marsh. Yolanda was relieved to hear that Will is the culprit and she hope that he will get the penalty that will learn his lesson.

Ever since then his fate was undetermined but most likely he has been sentenced to death by Navea church because of commiting crimes though he denied it to the end, insisting of telling that the outsiders must leave Candeo Marsh to solve the problem.

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